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History of the Confederate Memorial Day Holiday in Alabama

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It is a cultural holiday celebrated in several southern US states on various days after the end of the Civil War in memory of the 258,000 Confederate soldiers who died in the uprising. against the Union.

It is an official public holiday in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina; while it is celebrated in Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee. Previously, it was also recognized in Georgia, Louisiana and Virginia. Several states celebrate it on or about April 26, when the last major Confederate field army surrendered at Bennett Place, North Carolina, in 1865.

The first official celebration as a public holiday occurred in 1874 after the announcement of the Georgia Legislature. By 1916, it was celebrated on June 3, the birthday of CSA President Jefferson Davis, in ten states. Other states have chosen dates in late April, or May 10, to commemorate Davis’ capture.

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