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Glass, which is as strong as strong steel

by alanews

Engineers continue to look for new ways to strengthen glass. As a rule, glass production is carried out by the method when minerals are heated to a very high temperature, and then the material is cooled. But most of the glass that shines on the facades of the buildings or is included in the screens of the phones is obtained during a special production process, when the glass is strengthened, adding the metal.

Now the team of Japanese researchers has found a way to add aluminum (aluminum oxide) to glass in a new way. Their technique allows you to create super-check glass.

Input aluminum into glass usually led to the fact that the glass ceased to be transparent. But the new technique (which was called aerodynamic levitation) involves mixing aluminum with glass in the air. In this version, gaseous oxygen is pumped between the mixture and the surface of what it is added. Then the contents are mixed with a laser during cooling. It turns out glass material that contains more aluminum than any other glass today. In this case, the glass continues to be transparent and reflecting. But the most important thing is that the glass is very durable. It is almost as firmly as strong steel.

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