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Askone mattresses

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The choice of mattress, like many other products, should be taken seriously. After all, what mattress you choose depends on your health. Human health is connected by close relationships with healthy sleep. And a healthy sleep – with a quality mattress.

Askona offers its help in solving this issue of acquiring high -quality mattresses. To date, Ascon mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses in the Russian market and far beyond its borders. The company keeps up with the times, which is why Askona has been behind the work of the Askona factory for more than 20 years of successful work in Russia. ASKONA offers the domestic consumer the optimal in terms of price-quality by using innovative technologies for the production of products for sleeping. In the presence of a company over 200 types of orthopedic mattresses, as well as various sleep goods – bedding, soft beds, pillows and others.

Askon’s orthopedic mattresses are well -deserved among residents of the country.  Thanks to the patented technology “Spring Clock” spring block, they allow you to evenly distribute the load during sleep, providing a full rest for each body cell. The company also pay attention to the smallest. Children’s mattresses, including for newborns, will give your kids a sweet and serene dream.

There is a wide line of mattresses, among which you will find the right one for you. And sales consultants will help, consult in choosing products for sleeping.

The materials from which mattresses are made are environmentally friendly, in particular. As a filler, natural latex, coconut, sisal, felt are used as a filler. The models are also made in various ways, with a hard surface, so that the back is in the direct position during sleep, and the spine is as relaxed as possible. An important aspect when choosing goods is, of course, the price. Askon mattresses are continued for all. After all, the manufacturer considers the satisfaction of the needs of the buyer.

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