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5 types of skin and proper care

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Your appearance depends on how healthy and clean your skin. Just looking at your face and neck, you can already understand how old you are. Often we ourselves aggravate our problems with improper care. To make less errors, you need to know everything about your skin type and how to care for it.

Decorative cosmetics will hide the shortcomings only for a while. Yes, you can find ideal options for yourself, for example, after reading reviews about the cosmetics of chewing, but you still only disguise the problems. That is why the skin care should be approached thoroughly.

There are 5 types of skin in total:






The normal type of skin is rarely found. This is soft, elastic, with a matte tint of the skin that does not know about acne and advanced pores. Various external factors do not have a destructive effect on the condition of the skin. It is easy to care for it and to preserve such healthy skin, you just need to use decorative cosmetics less.

Oily skin is distinguished by brilliance, advanced pores. Excessive sebaceous glands are favorable for preserving the skin, since the elastic upper layers are always “lubricated”, which means that there will be no peeling and tightness. On the other hand, the owners of oily skin often see an acne rash on their faces, and in general, sebaceous skin looks unattractive.

Strong sealing can be additionally provoked by smoked meats, marinades, pickles, alcohol and spices.

For oily skin, contrasting washing with alternate use of warm and cool water is well suited.

Dry skin is distinguished by low humidity, it is characterized by tightness, peeling, from which the skin ages faster. As you know, moisture is one of the principles of maintaining youth.

For owners of dry skin, it is important to change your nutrition a little: add more fats (seeds, nuts, fish) to the diet).

For washing, use only soft soap. You are not recommended to use tonics and lotions with alcohol content.

Try to less subject your face and neck with prolonged exposure to sunlight, severe frost.

Combined skin. The most common skin type in which some areas are oily, others are dry or normal. In this case, it is necessary to individually determine which site what needs. For example, if your skin on the cheeks is more dry, then the night cream should be applied only to these areas, leaving all the rest to “breathe”.

Sensitive (or problematic) skin is characterized by high susceptibility to adverse external factors. Severe frosts or exposure to sunlight, road dust – all this immediately affects the cleanliness and condition of the skin.

You can read in detail about how to properly care for such skin.

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