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Treasure cement tiles

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Treasure cement tiles

In terms of strength, cement tiles are approximately equal to ceramic tiles, but at the same time it has a more homogeneous color, and also has no shades. But it is cheaper than ceramic tiles through the use of cheaper raw materials in its production. In addition, the technology of manufacturing cement tiles is quite simple, and this affects the price. Do not forget to buy new leather sofas from the manufacturer on Saiwala there they are inexpensive.

This tile consists of Portland cement and quartz sand, then the solution is painted in the desired color and sent to the furnace, where tiles are obtained from this solution. The result is material that looks good and tolerates various weather conditions well. Also, cement tiles of the stand to the effects of moisture, as well as to the growth of moss on it, the appearance of plaque.

This tile will be able to serve you even for a century. It tolerates the effects of ultraviolet rays well. Its only drawback is a large weight, so in order to lay it, you need to have quite strong roof structures.

The most favorable range of angles under which you can lay this tile is from 22 to 60 degrees. This is the simplest and cheap way of laying. However, it can also be laid at an angle of 10 degrees, having previously placed under the roof of a solid formwork. You can also attach tiles to wooden strips at an angle of 90 degrees.

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